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Being beautiful means to love yourself, feel good and be in harmony with those around us. Because every woman is unique, Gisele Delorme have been creating different concepts and treatment methods to highlight individual beauty and personality.

Tailored beauty

Over 35 years Gisele Delorme offers a distinct approach to skin care. Unlike other cosmetic brands, which consider only the “skin type”, our method lies in the analysis of the skin condition. The skin type is a very important factor for determining the optimum solution for your beauty, but there are other factors to take into account, such as the age, climate, lifestyle and diet …



All GISELE DELORME products contain a high concentration of active ingredients, which can be mutually combined. In addition to the basic home care (cleansing products, masks, etc.) you can use your personal serum that optimizes your care program, strengthens the effect depending on your goals and your specific skin needs.


PHYTOMER - Body wrap

ESSENTIAL CARE SCULPTING – intensive shaping and modeling focused on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Targeted anti-cellulite treatment. The results are visible after the first session – slimming down by almost one dress size in fewer than 5 sessions.